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Essential Assessment

You’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve through this free assessment!

A streamlined new approach to assess your Reliability & Asset Management (RAM) program; RAM-GPS is the first ever high-level assessment tool aligned around Reliability Web’s UPTIME Elements Framework.

DEVELOP A LINE OF SIGHT – A stand-alone module of Asset Analytix’ Precision Assessment System, RAM-GPS is the 1”-Deep / Mile-Wide asset management evaluation that establishes maturity, adoption, and performance helping you map your route directly to your business objectives.

Complementary Full Assessment

Schedule your Getting Started meeting, sponsored by and complements of ReliabilityWeb. From there, your getting started web-meeting will automatically be scheduled, copied to your calendar

The RAM-GPS Assessment System

The RAM-GPS Assessment System guides you through a straight-forward, multi-level approach and delivers key benefits including:

  • Establish a general health index of your Asset Management program at various levels
  • Involves and unites relevant parties, creating a culture of change
  • Aligns areas of focus against site objectives
  • Prioritizes improvements for the most significant impact
  • Benchmarks across your organization and the world

A Balanced Approach


Optimized, providing just the right levels of detail at each step. Assess and focus on what is needed.


It can support single sites as well as large multi-site companies at a high level or deep dive where needed.


View your results from various perspectives:

  • Reliability Web’s Uptime Elements Framework
  • ISO55000 Asset Management Model

Download Terrence O’Hanlon’s Top 10 Successes with RAM-GPS

Program Failure
A Direct Correlation

70% of improvement initiatives fail or fall short of delivering expected results!

Understanding and addressing the cause of failure is more important than the program failure itself. Each of these failure-factors severely limit success but when combined are an Asset Management liability!

Formal Assessment
49% of companies conducted formal assessment
Assessment Use
25% Use their assessment to guide their journey
Failing Initiatives
70% of Improvement initiatives fail
Our studies indicate 5 COMMON REASONS for initiative failure …
  1. Misaligned / Unclear Focus
    Efforts are disconnected from the main goals of the organization
  2. Priority Overload
    Chasing the wrong (too many) initiatives and/or in the wrong order
  3. Partial Deployment
    Not well coordinated across the organization – SILO’s of protective functions
  4. Poor Change Process
    Lack of communication & correct measures to unite and lock in habits
  5. Leadership Support
    Beyond “lip-service” – I feel like I’m fighting this battle alone

FAQ about RAM-GPS Assessments

Is this really at no cost?

Yes – ReliabilityWeb.com and Asset Analytix have sponsored a one-site/one-time full-scale assessment at no cost.

What is the difference between the sponsored and subscription assessment?
  • The subscription assessment will offer an unrestricted use of the tool as well as reporting and analytics. The sponsored version will not allow you to re-assess, limits one assessment per company and limits scoring/benchmarking analytics.
  • The questions, ranking, objectives, KPI’s are the EXACT same as the subscription version which means that this is a REAL assessment and should be approached accordingly. Sponsored does not mean casual.
How do we sign up for the sponsored assessment?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Schedule your Getting Started meeting found on this page. Here’s the link in case you missed it… Schedule My Assessment. From there your getting started web-meeting will automatically be launched, copied to your calendar and our support team will be ready to assist in the following:
    –  Admin account set up
    –  Site objectives
    –  Current and recent improvement projects
    –  Selection of the required participants
  2. Take the assessment
  3. Findings and analytics review web-meeting where we will provide you the results, interpretations and how to act on important gaps uncovered in the assessment.
How long does the RAM-GPS assessment take?
  • On average the entire assessment takes approx. 2-4 hours. Because the assessment is divided by owner (by element in the subscription version) the time can be distributed by each person/team.
  • We recommend bringing relevant participants into a meeting and going through each of the essential questions to gain agreement, opinions and to create the valuable conversations.
Can I compare our multiple sites or against others?
  • The subscription version offers a full benchmarking capability where you can see your progress at each re-assessment as well as see all of the sites within your organization as well as anonymous comparison against industries around the world.
  • You can also see where you rank within your peers and demographics (IE: “How am I doing vs others in the Pharmaceutical or Petro Chemical space”?
Where does the RAM-GPS Assessment fit within the Precision System?

Asset Analytix has built its reputation on using data in easy to use interfaces that guide our clients to the solution in the shortest path. The Precision Assessment System is no different. The Precision Assessment System is built in a number of easy steps that:

  1. RAM-GPS – identify your current place in the journey, evaluating your overall asset management score.
    –  Findings review and PowerRanking℠ exercise to identify importance and urgency related to asset management element alignment to your business objectives
  2. Objectives-driven, scenario management deep dive assessment where based on highlighted objectives, you unlock the hidden pathway of all initiatives needed to achieve the goal.
  3. Asset Management Strategic Plan development for maximum impact in both objective obtainment and RAM score advancement.

The Precision
Assessment System

The Precision Assessment System is a whole new way to evaluate your asset management, maintenance and reliability program.

Unlike traditional, costly and time-consuming assessments, The Precision Assessment System is organized into a velocity-inducing model which guides you through 3 distinct aspects; each narrowing focus to create the ultimate strategic improvement plan. Start with RAM-GPS Assessment and go as far as you need.

Scroll below to learn more…

01. RAM-GPS Essential Assessment


RAM-GPS Assessment

Providing a high-level awareness and establishes your “current location/position” in the overall Asset Management journey. This important first step in the process:

  • Develops awareness and establishes cultural maturity
  • Rates the level of adoption of general AM best practices
  • Gauges your performance & business impact of the program with associated KPI’s
  • Analyzes comparative data across your enterprise and/or the industry as a whole


Findings Review & PowerRanking℠

Results from RAM-GPS are analyzed through our unique method of Power Ranking exercise where improvement options are strategically aligned & prioritized against business objectives to provide the greatest impact in the shortest duration.


360LaunchPad Facilitated Workshop

Assemble your team to align all involved with your site’s asset management program in this remote workshop. Review scores, confirm objectives, align focus and develop a preliminary plan of attack on revealed next steps.


Train the Facilitator

For multi-site organizations with a central Center of Excellence team, Asset Analytix offers hands-on training to transfer the process and establish an internally driven process.

02. Objectives-Driven Investigation


Reverse Engineered Deep Dive

  • Objectives > Initiatives > Gap Identification
  • Every objective has predefined associated improvement initiatives that together, deliver the intended outcome. Our reverse-engineered Deep-Dive Review reveals the hidden pathways and associated improvement efforts to perform precision evaluation and identify SPECIFIC gaps in each effort.


Objectives Gap Analysis

  • Using the specific findings as a result of the Reverse Engineered Deep Dive Review and benchmarking targets; evaluate and prioritize every gap in all initiatives required to achieve your objectives.
    • Understand all detailed gaps in essential improvement initiatives
    • Perform a cause & affect analysis to reveal cultural as well as physical actions.

03. Strategy Improvement Design


Strategy Design Workshop

  • PowerRank℠ each major activity against difficulty and impact
  • Develop a detailed project plan for the complete implementation of all analyzed gaps and actions resulting from the Deep Dive Review blended with our team’s expertise in strategy development. Create your detailed plan, assign owners, develop micro-detail for the next 6-months and onward.


Coaching and Facilitation

Asset Analytix provides the expertise, tools, training and coaching to streamline your journey, avoid and navigate implementation pitfalls, and keep you on track.

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Contacting us is the shortest path from localized initiatives to systemic maintenance productivity improvement.
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Contacting us is the shortest path from localized initiatives to systemic maintenance productivity improvement.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHAsset Analytix Social links
Connect with us through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

© Copyright 2020 by Asset Analytix. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2020 by Asset Analytix. All rights reserved.