Analytics driven asset reliability and maintenance

Asset Analytix Consulting Services by Reporting House helps in effectively managing business performance by leveraging enterprise asset data. We use simple to advanced quantitative, mathematical and statistical models and techniques not only to enhance your productivity quotient but also to improve your bottom line.

The challenge of asset data inundation

As technology advancements continue rapidly, your assets will generate a huge amount of data, both collectively and individually. It is imperative to process and analyze this raw data in a timely fashion to make informed decisions related to asset maintenance, repairs and upgrades. This would help in improving performance, reducing number of service interruptions and preventing unexpected breakdowns. Explore how you can make quality decisions for these subject matters ...

• Asset Performance Management

• Cost Analysis

• Failure Analysis (FMEA/FMECA)

• Asset Life Cycle Management

• Reliability Analysis

• Preventive Maintenance

• Predictive Maintenance

• Compliance and EHS

• Work Planning and Scheduling

• Spare Parts Optimization

• Resource Management

• Purchase

Enterprise-level analysis of your asset data

At Asset Analytix, we can help in creating an insightful analytical reporting framework for your Asset related data. Our analytical "Content Library" of more than 600 customizable reports and KPIs can help to accelerate adoption of "Analytics Driven Asset Reliability and Maintenance". The findings, conclusions and recommendations will help you in ...

  • Understanding where to focus Maintenance efforts
  • Cutting down your maintenance costs
  • Identifying and allocating resources to high value opportunities
  • Monitoring Performance for timely actions
  • Supporting analysis for Strategies and process changes
  • Prolonging the life of your assets in addition to ensuring near-perfect performance
  • Identifying process bottlenecks and monitoring collective progress
  • Communicating Goals / Objectives with everyone involved in EAM

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