Understand & Discover the ROI of the Uptime Elements Framework Evaluate the correlation between implementation of the UE framework and success in your critical business outcomes.

Uptime Elements Performance Tracker

Your organization has spent significant money & resources on Uptime Elements education in the form of training, certifications and conferences. Do you have a holistic view of the impact of your investment?

Data around reliability training and application of theoretical UE knowledge is not easily available and not consolidated/compared across all sites in the organization.

Asset Analytix has created the Uptime Elements Performance Tracker , a comprehensive solution to address this challenge.

UEPT is an assessment and benchmarking platform built to:

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Questions the UEPT Can Answer for You

  • What is the progress & trend of Uptime Elements Adoption and Implementation across individual sites and in the organization?
  • Is an increase in UE adoption and implementation driving positive change in your business outcomes?
  • How using the UE framework is enabling continuous improvement?
  • How does your site measure up in comparison to industry and organization benchmarks?

Advantages of UEPT

  • Benchmarking Performance Benchmarking Performance
  • Measure adoption and implementationMeasure Adoption & Implementation
  • Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement
  • Standardized Performance IndicatorsStandardized Performance Indicators
  • Facilitated and Verified AssessmentFacilitated and Verified Assessment
  • Data-driven PlanningData-driven Planning

UEPT Genesis

  • VSIG, a committee of reliability thought leaders, created a set of standardized questions and KPIs to evaluate the performance and sustainability of each Uptime Element
  • Asset Analytix defined & standardized the Universal Outcomes that are crucial for all organizations regardless of size and industry.

  • Downtime Downtime
  • ThroughputThroughput
  • Cost-UnitCost/Unit
  • complianceCompliance
  • turnoverTurnover
  • SafetySafety

Discover the Potential of the Uptime Elements Tracker

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